Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I get good ABR and ECochG morphology & repeatability? Learn

2. How do I place Statistical Start (SS) and Statistical End (SE) to calculate correlation coefficient? Learn

3. How do I modify the Latency Norms? Learn

4. How can I compare the ipsilateral and contralateral waveforms? Learn

5. How does Alternating Split polarity allow me to view both rarefaction and condensation during a test? Learn

6. How can I use Integrity for Auditory Neuropathy diagnostics? Learn

7. How do I install the calibration files for the Insert Earphone and Bone Conductor? Learn

8. How do I check if my OAE probe is working properly? Learn

9. How do I charge the Battery Packs for Integrity? Learn

10.VivoCheck FAQs Learn

11.Who do I speak to if I have an idea on how to improve a Vivosonic product? Learn