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Integrity V500 Product Review


"In over 40 years of experience with almost every manufacturer and every AEP product ever introduced in the U.S. market, I have honestly never seen performance that compares to this product."


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Latest ABR Technology at AudiologyNOW! 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dr. Jill Smith, Director of Hearing and Speech at Children's of Alabama, will relate how Vivosonic's Integrity System resulted in reduced test times, increased productivity, and decreased sedation for ABR assessments.

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Articles & Presentations


An Extraordinary AEP Product

by Greg Ollick, Sr., M.A.


"We brought the new Integrity Gen 2 device into environments loaded with electro- magnetic interference which is very hostile to AEP testing, and the Gen 2 system was virtually unaffected....We were able to get clear, clean ABR and ECocGh responses with the patient awake, sitting up and occasionally talking, and we obtained all of this in substantially less time than with any other system."

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Success Stories


Letter from a Parent

by Anca B.


Our journey in getting our son diagnosed was one full of anguish and uncertainties, but thanks to you, also full of hope. Jon was referred at birth after his infant hearing screening test...

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Success Stories

Letter from a Parent

by Anca B. Journey of a parent seeking timely diagnosis of hearing loss following infant hearing screening.


Excerpt:  "Jon was referred at birth after his infant hearing screening to receive an ABR test to verify if he indeed had a hearing loss. After five attempts at regular sleep ABR without any results, we were referred for a sedated ABR at [renowned Canadian hospital]. At that time, he was already 6 months, which put us right at the end of the period considered early intervention for a hearing loss diagnosis. We were further told that sedated ABR would take at least another month to schedule...


After researching the internet for the newest technology in newborn and early child ABR diagnosis, we found Vivosonic and the possibility of having an accurate test without sedation and with a baby that is awake sounded wonderful. We called the Canadian office and amazingly, we were invited into the office to have a test done.


Since our son’s diagnosis, we have met numerous families of newborn babies that were going through the same frustrations and were having a difficult time getting results. They were either referred for a sedated ABR or further regular sleep ABR, both forcing them further into the future and thus losing precious hearing time for the babies. It would just be so easy and comfortable if these families would have access to Vivosonic testing for their infants."  Full letter

Hearing Test Technology

Dr. Li Qi, Ph.D., M.Sc., R.Aud(c). Audiology Practice Lead, Neuro-Otology Unit, Vancouver General Hospital (VGH).


Dr. Li Qi describes how the Vivosonic Integrity V500 System has enabled him to fit a hearing aid on a difficult-to-test adult who could not be assessed by traditional behavioural methods. Dr. Li notes: "She's a special patient because her attention is really short and she couldn't give you a consistent response." In addition, he says that the patient constantly moves her body which makes testing "very difficult and very challenging." With the Vivosonic Integrity System, "The patient can play. The patient can read a book. She doesn't need to participate in this test and we can get specific reliable results," says Dr. Li.  Full story | Video

Decreasing Delays for Early Intervention in Neonatal Intensive Care Patients with Hearing Impairment

Dr. Janet Stockard Sullivan, Au.D., MS, CCC-A. Director, Infant Hearing Impairment Program of the University of South Florida (USF) and Tampa General Hospital (TGH).


With a large population of infants at risk for auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) as well as sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), the USF/TGH Infant Hearing Impairment Program viewed deferral of testing until after discharge as a missed opportunity for early diagnosis and intervention. An inpatient diagnostic hearing testing for all NICU infants failing the initial hearing screen was implemented. Problems previously encountered using traditional ABR systems were largely solved by the wireless technology and superior noise reduction technology of the Vivosonic Integrity V500 System. Data collected were cleaner and obtained much faster than with other ABR systems. The ability to identify the absent or severely abnormal ABR, with a clearly defined cochlear microphonic, ensures parents can be counseled in depth about the disorder and the plan prior to discharge. The video shows the averaging process for a click-ABR in a NICU patient with ANSD. The Vivosonic Integrity allows the audiologist to send rarefaction- and condensation-responses to separate memory bins to identify the cochlear microphonic. Note that the ongoing raw activity contains considerable muscle artifact as well as periodic electrical interference, but the averaged response is quite clean.  Full story | Video

Integrity (email communication)

Dr. Mary L. Horsch, Au.D.,CCC-A. Audiology Coordinator, Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital, Inc.


"I just wanted to let you know again how much we love our Integrity. I know I have shared this with you before but just wanted to let you know how well it is working for our facility. My staff audiologist that covers the NICU says she cannot live without it. It makes her day so much easier to complete an entire diagnostic assessment in less than 30 minutes on a premature infant awake or asleep. I had a great experience yesterday that also wanted to share. I had a 7 year old that I have seen on numerous occasions for sedated ABRs. He was born at 23 weeks gestational age and has multiple issues including blindness and severe autism. I was able to complete the entire ABR with the Integrity in 30 minutes while he was awake. Mom was so grateful that we did not need to sedate her child again. She was very pleased as was I. The more we use this equipment the more efficient we become. Please use us as a resource if you have any customers that are considering purchasing. We would love to share our experiences. Thanks so much for all your company is doing. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the expertise! We will be receiving our Aurix next week and very excited to begin using this product as well."

Hearing Test Technology

Christina Sanderson, Au.D., CCC-A. Audiologist, Missouri University Health Care.


"The sedationless test reduces any risks associated with giving anesthesia to a young child," said Christina Sanderson, audiologist at MU Health Care's ENT and Allergy Center of Missouri. "Instead of going to a hospital, the ABR test can now be given in the clinic in the company of a child's parents." Watch the video to see the story of 15-month-old Kenny Stone Jr. of Glasgow who wears hearing aids in both ears. His family has a past history of hearing loss, and he has twice needed an ABR test to measure his hearing levels. When the first test was done in January 2010, Stone was sedated, and the experience was difficult for Stone's mother, Kelly LaChance. "I cried," said LaChance. "It was scary from my perspective, and I know it was for him too. We had several nervous hours in the waiting room at the hospital." When the time came for Stone's second ABR test in December 2010, audiologists conducted the test using the new sedationless technology. During the test, Stone watched a movie on a portable DVD player and eventually fell asleep. "I think we were more relaxed, and he was too," said LaChance. "Our anxiety levels were a lot lower than what they would have been had we sedated him."  Full story | Video

The Speech and Hearing Center Offers New Infant Hearing Test

Dr. Shawn Lancaster, Au.D., CCC-A. Director of Audiology at the Speech and Hearing Center.


"Sedation is necessary with traditional ABR testing because muscle movement can affect results," explained Dr.Shawn Lancaster, Director of Audiology at the Speech and Hearing Center. "We're using the Vivosonic Integrity V500, which is a wireless system that allows the child to not only be awake, but to also be mobile. So the child may feed or play during the test without affecting the outcome." Ms. Dawn Ownby, whose four year old just underwent ABR testing at the Speech and Hearing Center, said, "My daughter has undergone a sedated ABR in the past and I was not looking forward to repeating that procedure. It was an enormous a relief to find out I had other options and could have my child tested in an environment that was completely non-invasive."  Full story

Speech and Hearing Center Expands Community Services with ABR Testing

Speech and Hearing Center, University of Alabama.


"Updated technology in the Speech and Hearing Center affiliated with the department of communicative disorders is allowing audiologists to identify and diagnose hearing loss in a new way. The center is the first facility in west Alabama to have this technology, known as a Vivosonic Integrity Auditory Brainstream Response (ABR) system. ABR testing has been used for several decades, but this particular system allows the audiologist to perform ABR testing for hearing assessment without sedation, making it ideal for testing children of all ages as well as other difficult-to-test populations. The center has become a primary referral site for follow-up testing from newborn hearing screenings."  Full story

Mobile testing: Hearing test device allows children to play during examination

Liliana Castillo. CNJ Staff Writer, Clovis News Journal.

While having his hearing tested with the Vivosonic Integrity System, 15-month-old Jaxson Preston was free to roam and play with toys. Rachel Lingnau, an audiologist with Clovis Municipal Schools (CMS): "This machine is unique. It's one of the only ways to obtain an ABR on a child that is awake and playing," she said. Executive Director of the Clovis Municipal Schools Education Foundation said: "The committee was excited that the equipment would give early identification to children so that they wouldn't have to go under anesthesia."  Full story

Anesthesia Not Necessary With New Infant Hearing Test: Test Allows Baby To Remain Awake

Stacia Matthews. rtv6 abc News.


"As you can see, she's awake and can be active or watching a DVD or looking at a book, and like that we can still get an ABR," said Jean Cox with St. Vincent Hospital. "We look for a pattern of waves. If we get that pattern, it suggests that they are hearing at that level." The Vivosonic Integrity System was welcome news for Jennifer Bush-Walbridge, a new mom and practicing anesthesiologist. When one of her twin daughters failed two hearing tests, she said she was happy not to have to put her under. "Anesthesia is safe for children and it would have been safe for her, too. But there's a risk with anesthesia, and I didn't want my child to have to go through any unnecessary risks," she said. The new test also provides results right away. For Bush-Walbridge, it was positive news. "We had a good result and I had no stress. So, it was wonderful," she said . Full story | Video

AVC Has Non-Sedated Auditory Brainstem Response Testing

Nichelei A. Talmore, M.A., CCC-A. Clinical Audiologist, Auditory Verbal Center, GA.


"The VivoLink is very light and runs quickly once the patient is hooked up. The ABR test is performed in a child oriented environment, which allows us to engage the child in play if he/she is awake. The room has a television with a DVD player, a child table and chair, coloring easel, play mat and educational toys. Parents can even recline in our comfortable chairs while holding their child and watching television."  Full story