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Integrity V500 Product Review


"In over 40 years of experience with almost every manufacturer and every AEP product ever introduced in the U.S. market, I have honestly never seen performance that compares to this product."


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News & Events


Latest ABR Technology at AudiologyNOW! 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dr. Jill Smith, Director of Hearing and Speech at Children's of Alabama, will relate how Vivosonic's Integrity System resulted in reduced test times, increased productivity, and decreased sedation for ABR assessments.

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Articles & Presentations


An Extraordinary AEP Product

by Greg Ollick, Sr., M.A.


"We brought the new Integrity Gen 2 device into environments loaded with electro- magnetic interference which is very hostile to AEP testing, and the Gen 2 system was virtually unaffected....We were able to get clear, clean ABR and ECocGh responses with the patient awake, sitting up and occasionally talking, and we obtained all of this in substantially less time than with any other system."

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Success Stories


Letter from a Parent

by Anca B.


Our journey in getting our son diagnosed was one full of anguish and uncertainties, but thanks to you, also full of hope. Jon was referred at birth after his infant hearing screening test...

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VivoLink Wireless Recording

Portable wireless technology for clinical convenience


The VivoLink™ is the world's first and only wireless platform for auditory electrophysiological and otoacoustic emission assessment. With no wires connecting the patient to the computer, there is greater freedom of movement for patients and convenience for clinicians. The VivoLink™ allows a baby to be held or strolled, and young children the freedom to play quietly while capturing accurate recordings up to a distance of 30 feet (10 meters). Adults can be seated or reclined in comfort. It also offers immunity to power line interference.


Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference


When needed, the VivoLink can be conveniently placed next to a baby in a NICU isolette, a car seat or a stroller. For added convenience, a lanyard can be easily secured to the VivoLink allowing the unit to be worn by around an adult's neck or as a back-pack on a child.


Adult wearing VivoLink VivoLink_mom holding baby


Clinical Benefits


How it Works

The VivoLink™ and laptop computer communicate through a wireless connection. Both must be powered on to enable data acquisition. An indicator on both the VivoLink and laptop provide feedback about the status of the wireless connection.


The VivoLink is battery operated. With no need to connect to an electrical power source (electrical outlet), the VivoLink offers immunity to power line interference which significantly reduces contamination of the recording signal. Vivosonic rechargeable battery packs and the the custom charger are designed to optimize battery performance and reliability.


A microprocessor inside the VivoLink generates stimuli which are delivered to the ears via transducers. The electrodes pick up the responses to be recorded and analyzed by the VivoLink and the computer. To ensure the precision of stimuli generation and signal acquisition, the VivoLink employs very high A/D and D/A resolution and sampling rates.